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Sports Injuries

Exercise is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle. However, like with any activity that requires movement, the possibility of injury is there.

They key to avoiding some injuries is moderation, being careful, using proper equipment and other key little facts (listed below).

Because Sports Injuries is such a general and broad term, we are providing you with some general information. If you do injure yourself during sports or other activities make sure you contact your doctor for a check up. Even the smallest injury that seems inconsequential can be very serious, so make sure you get a check up as soon as possible.

Potential Sports Injury Causes:

  • Inadequate or inappropriate preparation prior to sporting activities. Warm up exercises - to increase blood to muscles, making them more flexible. Cool down period - to prevent next day stiffness
  • Too much training or repetitive activities. Pain occurring during or after exercise should not be ignored
  • Improper shoes or equipment
  • Incorrect technique - commonly occurring injuries in golfers and weight lifters
  • Collision - in contact sports - Rugby, football, hockey etc.
  • Returning to exercise too soon following an injury

What are some options for prevention?

  • always warm up properly before sport/exercise
  • wear the correct shoes and use the right equipment
  • if you have an injury, make sure you are fully recovered before starting to exercise again

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