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Historical McDonough, GA - 1823

McDonough, GA McDonough, GA and Henry Country were originally inhabited by the Creek Indian Nation and was considered one of the "Five Civilized Tribes" of the American Indian because they built permanent homes, engaged in farming and kept large herds of livestock.

In the beginning the Creek Tribe tolerated the settlers and even began to trade with them and signed treaties which ceded the lands to the United States and GA. One of the treaties were signed by Chief William McIntosh on the large rock in front of his home on January 8, 1821. The treaty gave the State all rights to the territory from between Ocmulgee and Flint rivers.

McDonough, GAThe GA general assembly in the spring of 1821 had a special session and formed 5 new counties. It was approved by Governor John Clark on Christmas Eve 1821.

Henry County was named for Patrick Henry, VA-born statesman and orator.

Before the end of Henry County's first year of existence it had been whittled away to form parts of the surrounding Counties. Because many of them were formed from the original Henry County it was now known as the "Mother of Counties".

McDonough, GAThe village of McDonough was named to honor Commodore Thomas McDonough. A victory, by Thomas McDonough on Lake Champlain, was one of the most brilliant naval exploits in the War of 1812.

Life in Henry County in the 1820's were very good as McDonough was the only town in the county and became the business, cultural and educational center of the area. People moved out of the area in the late 1830's because gold was discovered in North Georgia. McDonough lost most of the growth when the "railroad" lines bypassed McDonough and converged on a small town to the north called Marthasville, known today as Atlanta.

McDonough, GA After the "War Between the States" and with the coming of a railroad, McDonough began a new era of growth and prosperity. Many who had already moved away returned to build residences, practice law and even moved the newspaper from Hampton to McDonough. In 1882, Mr. George Schaefer purchased land in McDonough and built the Schaefer Building and warehouse for cotton, Making McDonough an important cotton market and enjoying a building boom!

Today McDonough is a thriving, beautiful city that combines traditions of the Old South, country living and contemporary lifestyles.

McDonough, Georgia is a "CITY OF CHARACTER". In fact, McDonough was the first city in the United States to be so designated. In 1998, Mayor Richard Craig, after attending a "Cities of Character" Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, returned to McDonough and, by resolution of council, had the distinction bestowed on his city.

The information about Historical McDonough, GA was provided from the City's website at: http://www.mcdonoughga.org/ & http://www.tourmcdonough.com/