Food Borne Diseases

Is there REALLY something to worry about?

From something as simple as food poisoning to something as traumatic as E. coli, Salmonella, and Botulism… All these “horrible” food borne diseases and health scares appear constantly and create widespread panic.

Where do these diseases come from?

Most food borne diseases and food poisoning cases come from improper handling of food. The most common reasons for these problems are if you cut or handle raw meat with uncooked food or do not store or cook food at the proper temperature.

What can I do to prevent these problems?

  • Use this chart to cook your food to the proper temperature.
Type of Food °F
Ground Beef, Pork, Veal, Lamb 160°
Ground Turkey & Chicken 165°
Fresh Beef, Veal & Lamb – Medium Rare 145°
Fresh Beef, Veal & Lamb – Medium 160°
Fresh Beef, Veal & Lamb – Well Done 170°
Whole Chicken or Turkey 165°
Poultry Breasts, Roast 165°
Poultry Thighs & Wings 165°
Duck & Goose 165°
Stuffing (cooked alone or in a bird) 165°
Fresh Pork – Medium 160°
Fresh Pork – Well Done 170°
Fresh or Raw Ham 160°
Pre-Cooked – Reheat to: 140°
Eggs – (cook until yolk & whites are firm)
Egg Dishes 160°
Leftovers & Casseroles 165°

You can learn about all these diseases at the National Institute of Health.

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